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Published on April 16, 2021

Flexibility. Adaptability. Adopting new technologies and workflows. These are a number of the items 2020 taught us. So it seems only fitting that the most recent features laralink is releasing in 2021 are focused on ensuring that laralink works anywhere and any way you are doing.

We want you to be ready to shorten and brand links from anywhere you favor to figure. Whether that’s working within the laralink application, on the mobile app, in spreadsheets that you simply can import into laralink, or shortening directly in other applications like slack,zapier,google tag manager,facebook pixel many other apps.

Let’s take a glance at a number of the various ways you'll save time and be more productive by shortening, branding, sharing and tracking your links from the varied places and ways you're employed.

Shorten Your Links in Bulk

The new CSV Bulk Shortening feature allows you to shorten and brand your links from a spreadsheet all directly . meaning you'll still organize your links in your spreadsheets, and eliminate the tedious copying and pasting back and forth from spreadsheets to laralink and back to spreadsheets. With the new CSV bulk shortening feature, you'll shorten unlimited links (depending on the plan) enabling you to save lots of time, reduce the amount of errors and shorten links at scale.

If you’re on the free plan, upgrade to start out shortening your links in bulk. If you’re on a paid plan, try it out today.

Shorten Your Links Using Integrations

We know you've got an entire arsenal of tools you're employed with. From social media management platforms, to CRM, to website and blog builders, to communications platforms then on. It are often annoying to be working in an application and need to leap out to laralink to shorten a link then copy and paste it back in. Using laralink API, you'll integrate with thousands of other tools so you don’t ever need to leave the appliance you’re working in and may stay focused on the task at hand.

Our new WordPress Plugin allows you to shorten and brand a link whenever you publish a page or post on your WordPress site (and we even support custom domains!). Using the plugin, those short links are going to be created through your laralink account. this suggests you'll keep your links and click on metrics beat one place, making it easier to trace the success of your efforts.

Shorten Your Links on Mobile

laralink also features a mobile app so you'll continue your productivity on the go. With laralink mobile app you'll create, customize, and share sms links right from your phone and track their performance —even if you don’t actually go anywhere at all!

Download the laralink app from the App Store or Google Play to start out shortening your links from wherever you're .


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