How to Grow Your Brand Using Short Links

Published on April 16, 2021

When it involves branding, emphasis is usually placed on a business’s logo. Sure, the brand is vital . But what about your links?

You may be thinking, “logos and links are two very various things .” And you’d be right, of course. A logo may be a visual representation of your business. It are often abstract or figurative. A link is practical. It takes your customers or employees from one webpage to a different .

A link can’t represent your brand, can it?

Think of what percentage links you share each day . likelihood is that , it’s tons . We share links so much—in emails, texts and on social media—we don’t always realize how often we do. Now, imagine if every link you shared had your brand in them. what percentage more customer touchpoints would come with your brand? what percentage more brand impressions would you drive for your business?

Practicality aside, links are often critical tools that help grow your brand. Let’s take a glance at the various ways you'll use short links in your day-to-day communications to try to to just that.

Branded links keep you on prospects’ minds

Prospects typically inspect other brands while within the evaluation process. this will involve variety of phone calls, email exchanges and hours spent researching different solutions.


Keep your name ahead of potential customers by using branded links in your communications. The more they see your brand, the more likely they're to recollect it. Some popular ways to try to to this include using branded links in marketing SMS campaigns and in sales follow-up emails.


Branded links boost visibility within the market

Beyond sales and marketing, encourage other customer-facing teams to share branded links in their communications. Larger organizations often utilize multiple custom domains for various teams and projects.

  • On the support team? Use
  • HR? Use  yourbrand.people/
  • Marketing? Use

Using your brand in your links ensures that, regardless of the channel, your brand is consistently presented. Brand consistency has proven benefits, including greater brand awareness and therefore the potential to impact your bottom line. consistent with one study, businesses that present their brand consistently are 3 to 4 times more likely to be seen by consumers within the market.

Branded links position you as an expert

Own a design firm? within the education space? work on an occasion planning business?


Whether you’re emailing prospects or sharing thought leadership content across your social media channels, branded links can reinforce your business’s authority in its field of experience .


Considering people spend a mean of about 6 seconds per page consuming content, having the ability to quickly demonstrate your area of experience is crucial. Using custom domain extensions like .design, .education, and .events shows people, at a look , what kind of work you are doing .

Branded links offer you credit for your content

Copy the URL below and shorten it in laralink.

See how the short link that generates uses Bose’s custom domain? That’s called auto-branding. Cool, huh?

Auto-branding keeps your brand front and center. Using auto-branding, any time someone copies an internet address that directs to at least one of your sites and shortens it in laralink, the short link are going to be generated using your custom domain.

Not only does auto-branding increase awareness for your brand, it gives you extra insight into how your content is being consumed. this suggests you’ll have more information to assist you improve your brand’s messaging and communications so they’re simpler .

How to Use laralink to market Your Brand

Want to find out even more about the way to use laralink for branding? Watch our short video on the way to use laralink features and tools to market your brand in every digital initiative. Or, visit our website.

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