Getting Started with Laralink

Published on April 16, 2021

Started With Laralink, You can create shortened URLs for free.or subscribe to laralink premium service starting at only $5.99 per month.the advangtage of a paid laralink account is that  you can create, share and track powerful branded links for each sort of communication. Whether you’re a digital marketer, customer service representative, HR manager, or add a completely different industry, our tips will assist you get the foremost out of laralink.

Why is a Paid Service?

Here's how to shorten a URL. 

1. Copy the URL you want to shorten.

2. Open Laralink in your web browser.

3. Paste the URL into the "Shorten your link" field and click "Shorten."

4. Click "Copy" to grab the new URL.

4. If you would like your shortened URL to include a specific phrase, enter that in the "Custom alias" field. Or you can leave the field blank and let Tinyurl create a random web address for you. 

Add your own domain

Use laralink to stay your brand front and center in every internal and customer-facing communication. once you add a custom domain, rather than using the default “” domain, your links will use a website tailored to your brand.

An example of adjusting an unbranded link into a a branded link.
Laralink makes it easy to look for, select and found out the right custom domain for your brand in minutes. Branded links don’t just look better, they assist grow your brand and obtain around 45% more clicks than unbranded links.

Make a Branded Short Link

Create a link by clicking the blue Create button or by clicking the letter “shorten” on your keyboard. Select a custom domain to brand your link, or move forward with the default “” domain. Paste your long URL into the box highlighted. Your short link will generate automatically.

Learn more about a Paid Service.

Redirect a link

Accidentally paste within the wrong URL when shortening a link? rather than creating a fresh link, you'll simply correct the first one by editing the destination URL. you'll use this feature to correct destination errors, update a link to point to a replacement destination, or to manually expire old links.


Track all the clicks, see how things change over time


Good news! Some URL shorteners allow you to track those links, too. There are a couple of ways these links tend to be tracked:

Some URL shorteners track the links themselves.

Laralink may be a fantastic example of this.Laralink shows you ways repeatedly one among your links has been clicked, where the link has been shared, and the way other laralink-shortened links are driving traffic to an equivalent content.


Navigate the Dashboard

Head over to the Laralink Dashboard to get a high-level overview of your top links. You’ll see important metrics, including:

Total clicks

 Organic share clicks

Link rotator

Device Targeting

Event Tracking

Splash page status

Overlay page status
Top-performing links
Top referring device types
Top countries and cities generating clicks on your laralink links

You can also export these metrics into a CSV file for deeper analysis at any time from any whare


Over to you

We’ve explored some of the basics of URL shorteners and how they work.

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